(Bet that scared you :)

Now, we don’t want to be bureaucratic, but we do want everything to run smoothly and fairly. So here are the RULES and REGULATIONS (everybody gotta have ‘em)



devices and research resources

·       We’d love you to bring along your own device (BYOD) – LapTop, Tablet, Smart Phone, Abacus...whatever. We can’t provide hardware.

·       Please also bring along your own electricity – make sure your batteries are charged, and as a back-up bring a charger (and an adapter). Remember it’s Romania: 230V, 50Hz, 2 round pin plug. OK if you have an Abacus you don’t need electricity.

·       Our hosts, the European Patent Office and the Marriott Hotel, are kindly supplying WiFi access to the Internet. Make sure your LapTop, Tablet, Smart phone, Abacus etc...can connect.

·       A number of database providers will kindly donate free access to their tools during the Patent Olympiad. Details to be confirmed.

·       We expect that you Patent Olympians will be able to use your own accounts (if the account owner allows) for your preferred patent research databases.



This’ll be the hard part for you Patent Olympians.

The Patent Olympiad will be arranged in a three-part format.

·         Invalidity search – you’ll have to find prior art for a given patent application

·         Prior art search – you’ve got to craft a search strategy

·         Multiple choice - patent-related questions. (this could be tough)

All of these challenges have been devised by our fiendish Quizmasters who have been dragooned from all corners of the world to give you a hard time :)

You’ll be pleased to know that all of the Patent Olympiad challenges will be set in the general mechanical technology area, so no specialised knowledge of quantum mechanics, cosmology or gene sequencing is necessary.

Although the 2019  Patent Olympiad will be held in Romania, the language of the competition will not be that of Eminescu, but that of Shakespeare....that’s English of course (no we don’t mean Shakespearean English but modern-day English :)

And as a participating Patent Olympian, you’ve got to be present in person, that means not logged in remotely, no telepathy, no proxy, no telekinesis, no ouija...


Got It?



EXTRA info

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