How it all started


A group of enthusiasts got together late one night in Atlanta in Spring 2017 for a drink and something to eat. Presently, The Tall One said over a beer: 

“Hey! Someone should organize a patent search event for everybody who does patent searching in their work! Doesn’t matter if it’s their main job or just part of it.”

The Long Haired One piped up: “Yeah, but it shouldn’t be an “establishment” thing, it should be independent, bottom–up, done by patent searchers for patent searchers

“But it should bring recognition to the profession, and instill a sense of pride, quality and achievement without being a showcase for formal education and qualifications.” boomed The One With A Beard And Glasses

“It should be international” chimed The Little Voice from the side.

“And it should be competitive. Serious without being solemn” mused The Tall One

“You mean fun, then?” chirped The Little Voice again

“Got it!” said everybody....

And so the idea of the Patent Olympiad was born!


And we all signed up to it on a scrappy piece of paper (see image at the bottom).

We are four volunteers variously located in the US, Canada, Scandinavia and Central Europe and we represent most types of “patent searching at work”, We want the Patent Olympiad to be fun, but prestigious and to be a global networking event for anybody at all who does patent searching, not just mainstream “patent information professionals”.

We’re planning challenging assignments for patent searchers at all levels of experience, and we’re seeking support from the big hitters in the patent world, IPO’s, attorney firms, and commercial vendors.

There’ll be prizes and awards and of course the sheer thrill of participating.

This will be the first event of its kind and we want you to be part of it.

Keep watching for further details and keep an eye out for us on social media!


Original Patent Olympics Agreement May 2017.JPG