Countdown to Patent Olympiad 2018: Are You Ready to Be First?

The countdown begins. Are you ready?  Image credit: Photo by  Kolleen Gladden  on  Unsplash

The countdown begins. Are you ready? 
Image credit: Photo by Kolleen Gladden on Unsplash

Are you ready?

Because it's almost time!

September 9, 2018 is Competition Day

In less than three weeks, patent researchers from around the world will be gathering at the Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy. They will be the first competitors ever in the Patent OlympiadPatent Olympiad 2018 (PO2018) – celebrating their skills and challenging themselves in fun, friendly competition with their peers.

Your Competitors Aren't Many, But They May Be Fierce

We are happy to say we have nearly 20 confirmed competitors for our debut event, and may see additional registrants in the coming days.

Our competitors are truly international. Thus far we have researchers from Japan, the Netherlands, India, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, the United States, and Italy. Registration has has not yet closed, so who knows what other nations will join us?

We are grateful for all the interest.

We are also a little in awe. The calibre of the competitors is high.

Some are acknowledged champions. Others might be entering their first competition, but are known in the patent research community for their knowledge and commitment to the profession. Will we need to make the exam a little harder?

You Can Still Be a Part of Patent Research History

If you haven’t registered yet, but want to help us make patent research history – stop reading now and go register here!

Please: Act Quickly – It's Almost Time

Registration is still open, but seats are now limited as we, the Patent Olympiad volunteers, and our partners (AOP), hosts (CEPIUG), and sponsors make the final preparations for PO2018.

There are tie-breakers to devise, goody bags to assemble, and refreshment orders to finalize.

And...No Promises, but...

Your Patent Olympiad organizers have been in very serious discussions about a (very small) red carpet component for competition day.

Because why should entertainment celebrities have all the fun?

We're envisioning something like this:

Except with patent researchers. And no paparazzi.

We promise: NO paparazzi. There may, however, be selfie sticks.

You’re welcome.

Watch This Blog!

In the days to come, keep checking our blog and social media feeds for updates, preparation tips for the Patent Olympiad, as well as general patent research tips and tiny challenges. You don't have to be competing to enjoy the posts, but we hope you'll enjoy following along!

So: Ready? Set? ...

To Be Continued....