Our Wish List

Patent Olympiad is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers. We’re a tiny upstart in a world of well-established events in the patent information industry. The event can’t happen without the interest and dedication of those who believe in what we’re trying to do, including those who choose to sponsor us, at whatever level.

Patent research professionals and their expertise are worth celebrating. And if you’re here, we’re pretty sure we’re on the same page (^ _ ^).

our wish list for sponsorship (And Ideas for potential Sponsors)

Here is our current list of ideas for targeted sponsorships, particularly for those considering an Amethyst level micro sponsorship.

Pre-Competition Day

  • cost of sightseeing tour for competitors

  • meals, and/or appetizers for competitors attending pre-competition social

Competition Day

  • breakfast for competitors (local pastries and coffee)

  • coffee, tea, or beverages

  • post-Game lunch or refreshments

Awards Day

  • high quality photos of winners and awards ceremony


  • photography or videography during event

  • various travel and accommodation costs for Patent Olympiad team

Have other suggestions? Want to Know More?

We would love to hear from you. To continue the discussion, email us directly at info@patentolympiad.org, or fill out the form below.

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